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Historical Committee

The purpose of this committee is to assist cousins who are pursuing genealogical research of their family roots. A Schürch genealogy web site is in the process of being set up and should be ready by the August 2014. It is intended that this will become a very valuable resource for any persons who wish to conduct studies into their Schürch origins.

For more information on this committee and/or on finding one’s family roots, please contact the chairman of this committee, Justin Houser.
Justin Houser (Code H)
1277 Valley View Road
Bellefonte, PA, USA 16823
Phone: 814-360-0638

There are a number of family historians, the names and contact information of whom can be found by clicking on these words: Historical Committee Members.



Schweizerische Gesellschaft der Namenstrager Schürch
Postfach 299, 3700 Spiez, Switzerland

René Schürch, Seftaustrasse 40
CH-3047 Bremgarten-Bern

Walter Schürch
Postfach 299, 3700 Spiez, Switzerland

Christian Emig

DNA Analysis of the Schürch Family during the Last 10,000 Years

We hear in the news almost every day how DNA is determining guilt or innocence in crimes, finding genes involved in diseases and learning about extinct animals. DNA analysis is also becoming an important genealogy research tool. Tracing family history has in the past been limited to following family names, civil records, church records and other recorded information. This type of information can only take you back a few hundred years. With the advent of rapid DNA analysis methods and an understanding of how DNA is passed down from each male to his sons, grandsons, great-grandsons and so on permits extending our reach into the past to several thousand years. For questions about Schürch DNA research contact Tom Sherk at

If you are specifically interested in the Code H line, click here.

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A number of resources related to our family history and genealogy, in the form of books and charts, are stored in three archive locations ...

  1. Lancaster PA
  2. Conrad Grebel ON
  3. Fort Erie ON

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